Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do have an alternative to stained glass. The SXEG-1025 Doves, SXEG-1027 Abstract and SXEG-1026 Fish are all already available stained glass designs. On our website are many more stained glass options that can be custom made to size.

Yes we do have many alternatives. Most common is sx-1002 Clear Sandblast and or SXGF-0198 Etch Light. Please see catalogue for more options.

Yes we provide both vinyl and polyester film.

Vinyl film is a flexible film and will stretch therefore can be used on Perspex/Plexiglas or polycarbonate and also for printing purposes however polyester film is not flexible and wont stretch therefore will only stick to glass surfaces and cannot be printed on.

Yes, all our film have a UV percentage ranging between 50-99%.

Yes, we have spec sheets on all of our films. This is available on request.

Solyx’ quality and pricing beats all competitors in the market. We also have our Decorative Range which no other competitor offers. We are local therefor offer full product support and warranty you can depend on. Besides if you don’t use Solyx for your project you will regret it and be making a costly mistake.

No however our Ultrablock Silver 1560 & Nano Ceramic Film SXNC -3560 & SXNC-8060 complies with the low-e regulation, at a much lower cost as well as less risk of heat stress

Yes we do, our smash & Grab / Automotive range has become a strong competitor in the industry today. Our specifications on this film are the equivalent to the top suppliers in the world today.

Adhesive is more of a permanent option therefore very difficult to remove once applied. Film adheres to the glass with a pressure sensitive adhesive. This makes adhesive films a bit more difficult to work with.

Static-Cling is caused by a build-up of static electricity once applied to any smooth non-porous surface. Our static cling film (non-adhesive) is therefore easy to apply, easy to clean, removable and reusable! If you would like to remove the film and reuse it at a later stage you can simply to pull it off and place the linear back onto it.

Free A5 Samples

With so many films to choose from, you may have a tough time selecting the film design that’s just right for your project.

We’re happy to send up to five samples for you to keep to help you with this important decision. This way, you’ll be able to place the samples side by side, compare, and make the best choice for your specific needs before ordering.

Just click on the product you have an interest in, make a note of its category & SKU

Once you’re done, just click send and we’ll make contact to arrange shipping. *Free sample orders processing may take 2-7 days.

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